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Worldwide Scientific Infrastructure

   The aim of this web-based scientific infrastructure and communication platform is to offer a set of essential tools:
  • For Scientists/Professionals:
    • effective communication and worldwide exchange of information between scientists
    • integration of different sources of information on literature, grants and patents
    • personalized information delivery of information based on scientists keywords and profiles
    • worldwide scientists networking based on research profiles
    • web-based infrastructure for management of multi-center research projects
    • cientific/professional job vacancies personal delivery
  • For Administration:
    • multi-parameter analysis of scientific output and research potential, both of individual scientists and research institutions.
    • Career evaluation system and institutions benchmarking: research potential index, innovation index, teaching index, administration index
  • For Industry:
    • Worldwide search for scientists
    • Head hunt for research group leaders
    • Industry-based international research projects management
    • Intellectual property transfers
    • Worldwide search for new promising technologies
    • Research job offers for industry
   Join now the rapidly growing professional system for scientists.

   Index Copernicus Scientists is currently patent pending technology at the US Patent and Trademark Office

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