Register as an individual member

You are about to submit a request to be registered in Index Copernicus as an individual member. Your request will be processed by the Index Copernicus administrators and, should you be accepted, you will receive a login and password that will enable you to access the members' area. Access to the members' areas with a login and password are granted on the basis that:

  1. you make use of Index Copernicus solely in compliance with its general objective, which is to contribute to a better use of scientific information 
  2. you accept and comply with these terms and conditions as well as with the "publication, editorial and access rights policy" (below); 
  3. your are not usurping anyone's identity and the information provided in the registration is to the best of your, knowledge accurate and truthful; 
  4. your login and password are personal and may not be used by anyone else; 
  5. you will not do anything which would assist anyone who is not a registered user to gain access to members' areas of Index Copernicus services.

If, for any reason, the Index Copernicus services administrators believe that you have not complied with these requirements, they may, at their discretion, restrict or cancel your access to the members' areas of Index Copernicus services immediately and without giving you any advance notice. In such a case, you will be notified by e-mail at the address you provided during registration. In the case of membership cancellation your login and password will become invalid immediately.

To the extent permitted by the law, the Index Copernicus reserves itself the right to pursue to justice the users who:

  • usurp anyone's identity or provide deliberately false information in view of becoming a member or getting specific access rights; 
  • significantly violate the publication guidelines included in the INDEX COPERNICUS "publication, editorial and access rights policy" (text accessible below). 

Publication, editorial and access rights policy

Index Copernicus™ is designed to contribute to a better use of scientific information.
In view of maintaining a certain level of focus and coherence as well as to ensure the respect of the rights of other users and third parties, INDEX COPERNICUS members should strictly abide by the following publication guidelines. Any material that is considered as not compatible with these guidelines can be partly or entirely removed by the Index Copernicus Services Administrator without prior notice. Material is here to be understood as material including, without limitation, text, video, graphics and sound material, published on the INDEX COPERNICUS website. 

Accepting the respect of these guidelines is mandatory to be a member of INDEX COPERNICUS. In any event, the members (individuals or legal entities) publishing material on INDEX COPERNICUS or transmitting material via its communication tools accept, to the extent permitted at law, the full responsibility of any direct or indirect subsequent prejudice or legal consequences (e.g. violation of someone's intellectual, property or human rights). Although the Index Copernicus Services Administrator can take no responsibility, it will however, as described below, undertake efforts to minimise the existence of inappropriate material on INDEX COPERNICUS. In cases of unambiguously proven violation of someone's rights, the Commission will take the necessary measure to remove, with the shortest possible delay, the material from the site. 


  • The members of INDEX COPERNICUS should only publish or transmit material that is unambiguously relevant to the INDEX COPERNICUS objective; 
  • The material published or transmitted must not be illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, libellous, vulgar, obscene, threatening for the private lives of other people, hateful, racist or objectionable in any other way;
  • In particular the material must not:
    • Contain messages of a violent or pornographic nature or be likely to constitute a major affront to human dignity; 
    • Contain incitement to commit crimes or offences; 
    • Contain incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence on the basis of race, ethnic origin, nationality, beliefs or religion; 
    • Defend Communism, Nazism, terrorism and war crimes or dispute the existence of crimes against humanity; 
    • Contravene intellectual property rights and, in general, the property rights of other people (e.g. patents, trade marks, trade secrets, etc.); 
    • Pursue a commercial goal; 
  • More generally, the material published or transmitted must abide by the Charter of Fundamental Rights and respect fundamental ethical principles. 

On the basis of the above guidelines, the INDEX COPERNICUS administrators reserve the right not to publish certain material or, as mentioned earlier, to remove them partially or entirely.
In order to preserve INDEX COPERNICUS from abuse or behaviour that can jeopardise its functioning, the Index Copernicus Services Administrator can also, without prior notice, either limit the access rights of some users (or category of users) or cancel their membership. The concerned members will be notified of these actions. The limitation of rights or cancellation of membership can, in particular, happen in the following cases:

  • publication on the INDEX COPERNICUS website or transmission via its communication tools of material incompatible with the rules and guidelines described in the present document; 
  • activity perturbing the normal functioning of the system or disturbing the members (e.g. activities generating a too high level of e-mail traffic; spamming, etc). 

Independently of the efforts undertaken to avoid that unsuitable material is published in INDEX COPERNICUS, there will inevitably be, even temporarily, some that do not correspond to the level of appropriateness desired. In order to minimise the presence of such material, INDEX COPERNICUS offers, in all main modules, a "member quality control". This mechanism gives the members the possibility to flag the material that they consider inappropriate and indicate the main reason(s) behind this assessment. However, the members who consider themselves offended by or victim of a prejudice resulting from material published on Index Copernicus (or transmitted via its tools) should take direct contact with the concerned member(s) in view of resolving the issue. The Index Copernicus Services Administrator can only intervene directly in cases where the prejudice or violation of rights can be unambiguously established.

The material published on, or transmitted via INDEX COPERNICUS by the members using the communication tools offered is subject to some ex-post control (in some cases it is complemented by some form of ex-ante control). This means that in most cases this material is displayed immediately without any review by the Index Copernicus Services Administrator, but is as much as possible reviewed later and may be edited in order to remove any content which might give offence. If this should be the case, omissions in the text will be clearly indicated by three ellipsis points (...).

Notwithstanding the control applied and the present guidelines, the Index Copernicus Services Administrator can take, as mentioned above, no responsibility for the material published by members on the site or transmitted via the communication tools it offers. Unless stated explicitly otherwise, the material published by members in INDEX COPERNICUS or transmitted via its communication tools have not been adopted or in any way approved by the Index Copernicus Services Administrator and should not be relied upon as a statement/view of the Index Copernicus Services Team. The Index Copernicus Services Team does not guarantee their accuracy, nor does it accept responsibility for any use made thereof.

Finally, only registered members are allowed to publish on, or transmit material, via INDEX COPERNICUS. When doing so, as mentioned above, they declare their agherence to the above publication guidelines concerning in particular the respect of intellectual and property rights. They also accept that this material can be freely utilised by other INDEX COPERNICUS members under the following conditions:

  • the members can only make use of material for which they have been granted the necessary visibility/access rights in INDEX COPERNICUS by the member who has published the material;
  • the members respect any additional condition of use explicitly added by the member who has published the material; 
  • the members should systematically make appropriate and accurate references to the source when using the material;

the members are not allowed to download or print the material, or extracts from it, in a systematic or regular manner or otherwise so as to create a database in electronic or paper form comprising all or part of the material appearing in INDEX COPERNICUS.